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Program Overview

Every day we pick up the paper and read an article or hear a story on the news about the need to increase fitness opportunities for America’s youth. We are constantly reminded of the challenges that our youth face fighting the sedentary lifestyle that is a consequence of computer, video games, TV and other technologies. USA Gymnastics believes it can be part of the solution with the help of its gymnastics clubs.

For the third straight year, USA Gymnastics and Tyson Foods are proud partners of the Tyson Fitness Challenge, a fitness initiative geared to help today’s youth achieve healthy, active lifestyles. The program’s first two years were very successful, and we have refreshed the Tyson Fitness Challenge to provide the elements needed to make it an even greater success this year.

This tailor-made fitness program provides the fundamental base for a healthy lifestyle. Using the Tyson Fitness Challenge initiative, gymnastics clubs can take a lead role in their communities in the area of fitness development. The Tyson Fitness Challenge is not only a great way to provide alternative programming for your existing gymnasts, but can enhance your business by helping you retain and attract new clients. You can promote your organization as part of the solution in providing fitness opportunities for today's young people.

The other great aspect of the Tyson Fitness Challenge is the fundraising component for Children's Miracle Network. Since partnering in 2001, USA Gymnastics and its member clubs across the country have raised more than $816,000 for Children’s Miracle Network. USA Gymnastics announced last year its goal to raise that total to $1 million by the end of 2008.

This year, USA Gymnastics and Tyson Foods, along with AAI, are offering some great prizes for the clubs and individuals who raise the most money for Children’s Miracle Network through the Tyson Fitness Challenge.

The Tyson Fitness Challenge program is aimed at children 6 - 16 years old. The 2008 edition again includes a developmentally appropriate program for children ages 4 – 5 and will be available online within this site. Its content reflects activities and timelines recommended by the USA Gymnastics Kinder Accreditation for Teachers (KAT) Program.

The Tyson Fitness Challenge will be held at participating USA Gymnastics member clubs across the United States.

The Tyson Fitness Challenge can be held anytime between March 1 and Sept. 13, 2008, and clubs can host the program whenever it is convenient for them within that time frame. The culmination of the program is voluntary participation in National Gymnastics Day’s fundraising efforts for Children’s Miracle Network.

The Tyson Fitness Challenge kit includes an administrator’s guide, companion DVD, posters and other promotional items to help promote the Tyson Fitness Challenge in your gym. All USA Gymnastics member clubs will receive a free kit as part of their membership. Non member clubs and schools may purchase the kit for only $29.95. (Click here for the order form).

Why Fitness?

  • Today's children are considered the most inactive generation.
  • Inactivity and poor dietary habits have contributed to this generation's lack of fitness.
  • Kids receive the benefits of cardiovascular exercise, balance, strength and flexibility through participation in fun activities and skills.
  • The basics of gymnastics provide a solid foundation for becoming physically fit and preparing to participate in other activities and sports.

What’s new in 2008?
Based on feedback from participating clubs, here are some things that are new to the Tyson Fitness Challenge this year:

  • More fun in the program with new games for cardiovascular exercise
  • Updated and more challenging exercises for the upper body, core and lower body
  • An extra month to hold the Tyson Fitness Challenge as part of your curriculum.

What’s the same in 2008?
This year’s Tyson Fitness Challenge is easy for gym club owners and professional instructors to adapt to fit the needs of their club curriculum and camp schedule. It may be held as eight, stand-alone sessions or tailored to include in existing class and camp schedules.

  • Valuable information on the importance of nutrition, including handouts that can be sent home with the kids
  • Earlier mailing of program materials
  • Preschool component (now only online)
  • Photo examples of the exercises
  • DVD of all exercises
  • Web site for online donations
For more information: If you have any questions regarding the 2008 Tyson Fitness Challenge, please contact Loree Galimore at 317-829-5654.