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Rates and Submission Guidelines.
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Regular ads are posted within 1 week after submission, 2 business days for RUSH ads.

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Classifieds Rates

These rates are guaranteed for those meet our submission guidelines.
USA Gymnastics Member Clubs receive free employment ads; see below.

4 weeks        $20
12 weeks       $35
24 weeks       $55

You may request that your ad be uploaded within 2 business days, for an additional RUSH fee of $15.
This same charge applies to off-schedule edits of existing ads or requests for early removal of existing ads.

Guidelines for all ads

  1. No hyperlink will be included in the ad text - You may include text URLs.
  2. The web address and email in the contact information part will automatically be hyperlinks. These are the only two hyperlinks for any one classified ad.
  3. Hyperlinks may only link to the web site or email address(es) of the submitting business and/or individual.
  4. We will not provide any grammar, spell error checking and text formatting, so please do these before you submit the ad.
  5. Do not submit your ad utilizing ALL CAPS in the title or text.
  6. Do not request blinking text!
  7. Do not request images/graphics.
  8. Do not request or expect your ad to have enhanced text effects such as bold, italics, underline, or color.
    Use of the above (or other such text effects) in USAG Classified Ads is at the discretion of the Webmaster for clarity and readability.
  9. Submission length is limited to 1,300 characters (approximately 200 words).
    Ads submitted in excess of this length limit, will have the submission charge pro-rated based upon the excess length.
  10. We do not send email notifications of ad expiration/renewal dates.
  11. Ads must be submitted using the Online Submission Form.
  12. We suggest you print the confirmation/Thank You page which includes the order number and payment amount for your ad.
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Clubs that are USA Gymnastics Member Clubs* receive the benefit of ONE free classified ad for employment.



Regular ads will be posted on our website within one week after submission. Rush ads will be posted on our website within 2 business days after submission

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