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Buying - We do Business Plans and Valuations

There are 2 hurdles when buying an existing gym or opening a new facility: Knowing what the gym is worth and putting together a business plan to get SBA financing.

When buying, you do not want to overpay. A valuation of the gym will pay for itself when you negotiate the price.

A business plan is critical to get financing. We put together the demographics study, the facility capacity study, the break even analysis and the 3 year Pro-forma covering 3 years broken down by month. We also provide a template for the written portion of your plan.

Not a writer or no time: we can interview you and do the written portion for you.

Please call 3rd Level for assistance including: Sales, Valuations, New Facility & Expansion Plans and all of your Consulting needs.

For information on all of our services and products, please visit www.3rdLevelConsulting.com.

3/16/17 - 12 wks.

Company/Club Name: 3rd Level Consulting
Web Address: www.3rdLevelConsulting.com
Contact: Ron Ludwig
Email: Ron@3rdLevelConsulting.com
Phone: (408)888-0331
Fax: (844)892-6985
USAG Code: 170305155355


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